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Monday, November 21, 2005

This news is going to give my Dad heartburn!

Cingular wireless service is disappearing, rolling up under the at&t banner. Which is a 180 degree reversal of what happened in 2004 and caused Dad a bundle of grief when he needed to upgrade his phone and wanted a better contract price too. The folks at the Cingular counter swore to him that his service was completely separate from AT&T, even though the monthly bill said AT&T, not Cingular. And no, he could not have the improved monthly rate that one of the two was offering, compared to what he had at the time. Now they are reversing course and merging Cingular into at&t, removing the Cingular brand from our conciousness and advertising medias.

I for one will be glad of that. I'm still using Trac-Phone prepaid wireless but every time I think about going to a contract, I can't figure out any benefit to any of the 3 big brands. So now that the playing field is being shortened by merging two players it will be easier when I finally decide to commit.

Anyway, Dad, I hope your phone keeps working!

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